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Crush asphyxia is a common complication of crush injuries. Crushing injuries such as with a building collapsing in an earthquake, or being crushed by heavy machinery, or changing a tire and having the vehicle fall on you could cause crush asphyxia. When sustaining a crushing injury, it is very possible that the force applied to the body will make it impossible for you to breathe.
Published by Charlene Collins 68 months ago in Shock | +2 votes | 1 comments
Crush syndrome is also known as compression syndrome. Crush syndrome is characterized by extreme blood loss and fluid loss in the body which causes the person to go into shock. A person who has sustained an extensive crushing injury will likely also suffer from crush syndrome which is usually fatal.
Published by Charlene Collins 68 months ago in Shock | +3 votes | 2 comments
Symptoms of the health condition hypothermia are possible in any season. Fast treatment for hypothermia will restore good health.
Published by Roberta Baxter 80 months ago in Shock | +29 votes | 19 comments
Shock is a complex and incompletely understood acute cardiovascular syndrome or heart disease which defies precise definition because of its various causes.
Published by Darwin Mendez 96 months ago in Shock | +3 votes | 1 comments